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The semester (FALL/SPRING) credit hour is the basic unit of academic credit granted by Sichuan Normal University. One semester credit is equivalent to one contact hour (50 minutes) of faculty instruction time per week for 15 weeks. Therefore the total contact time (also known as ‘instructional time’) for a whole semester is determined for all sessions.

Sichuan Normal University Equivalencies of the Credit Hour

Equivalent total contact time of a course (1 credit to 5 credits) is calculated as below. ALL FALL/SPRING/SUMMER/WINTER session courses must follow this policy.

1-credit course: 1 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 750 contact minutes (15 contact hours)

2-credit course: 2 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 1500 contact minutes (30 contact hours)

3-credit course: 3 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 2250 contact minutes (45 contact hours)

4-credit course: 4 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 3000 contact minutes (60 contact hours)

5-credit course: 5 credit × 50 min × 15 weeks = 3750 contact minutes (75 contact hours)


Course credit earned in each summer and winter session is equivalent to the same course credit offered in the FALL or SPRING term. The SUMMER and WINTER semesters vary in length, allowing that students can finish the program with a high flexibility through the 4-week, 5-week, 6-week or 8-week sessions. However, the total contact time of SUMMER and WINTER session still adheres to the standard of the FALL/SPRING session contact time as announced above in Sichuan Normal University Equivalencies of the Credit Hour.